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Children of Earth: the final verdict, part 2: how Torchwood stopped sucking

Last night, in what was initially going to be a review of Children of Earth, I found myself instead writing a long, semi-coherent rant about everything that was wrong with Torchwood in its first two series.

But the point is, it all came right in series 3.

How did that happen?

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Children of Earth: the final verdict, part 1: why Torchwood sucks

I finished watching Children of Earth, and I want to write about how good it is.  But before I can do that properly, I need to write about how gut-wrenchingly horrible the first two series of Torchwood were.

On one hand, a juvenile program about a bunch of overgrown children who run around chasing ghosts and obsessing about trivia; on the other hand, Scooby Doo.  Thank you, thank you, we’re here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress!

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Credit where it’s due: Children of Earth

I just want to post this brief note as a counterbalance to my recent post on How much I hate Torchwood.  Despite the delay described in that post, I did slog through to the end of the Series 2, and it was just as risible as I’d feared — I mean, astonishingly shallow and childish, appallingly written and dreadfully acted.

So I went into Series 3 (Children of Earth) with low expectations.  But having now seen the first three of the five episodes, I have to admit it’s much, much better than I’d dared hope.  Each of these three episodes has been far better than anything in either of the first two series.

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How much I hate Torchwood

I am slogging through Series 2 of the dreadful Torchwood, mostly just so I can say that I did it, and so that I can be as harshly critical of it as I want without people saying “Oh, but did you actually watch it?  It actually got quite good in Series 2, actually.”

He just watched “End of Days”

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