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Closures, finally explained!

Programming language weirdos (by which I mostly mean people who program in Lisp) are forever telling you that you need closures, and that your language is unbearably primitive if it doesn’t support them.  Turns out that they’re right, but their rightness is completely obscured by the horrible, uninformative term “closure”, and even more so by the fact that the definition given for the term is usually some opaque hunk of verbiage like “a first-class function with free variables that are bound in the lexical environment” (from the Wikipedia article on the subject.)

It also doesn’t help that the examples people usually give are so lame: it’s all “Here’s a function that returns a function that yields the value of a hidden variables that is incremented every time it’s called”.  Whenever I see examples like that, I just think “Why would I ever want such a thing”?

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