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I’m giving up politics

I checked Twitter this morning, to find that the man who plunged the UK into its greatest international crisis since WW2 is now Foreign Secretary, and that a man who had to resign from Defence and was somehow not jailed for appalling leaking, is in charge of International Trade.

What both these appointment tell me is that for people in the game — and it is a game — nothing they do has consequences. Destroy our relationship with the continent? Never mind. Bring a mate along to top-secret meetings? Not to worry. Welcome back into the fold.

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Goodbye to (nearly) all my 1980s computer games

I mentioned last time that I was getting rid of all the 1980s computer games that, for some reason I still had: six Infocom text adventures on 5+1/4″ floppies for the Commodore 64, seven C64 Llamasoft games, two more batches of C64 games, another batch for the VIC-20, and finally two VIC-20 cartridges.

Now they’re all gone:

2016-04-25 07.33.29

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Does anyone want my old Commodore 64 Infocom games?

As part of the ongoing clear-out, I am dumping all my old Commodore 64 and VIC-20 games (apart from the ones I wrote myself). Specifically, today, I am getting rid of six Infocom text adventures, which I have played and played and loved and loved: Zork, Zork II, Zork II, Deadline, Suspended and Starcross.


Against the tiny possibility that they’re of some use to someone somewhere, I have put them up on eBay rather than just shoving them in the recycling.

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Throwing out the sushi magazines (it’s not what it sounds like)

More junk on the way out of my life …

2016-03-30 17.00.15

I understand why I might have had four issues of Computers in Libraries magazine — after all, I very much like both computers and libraries.

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Turn your old electronics boxes inside out

During my increasingly epic clear-out, I’ve come across lots of old electronics boxes like this one, because I inexplicably have the habit of keeping such boxes “just in case”.

2016-03-31 17.56.43

I was going to recycle them as cardboard, until I realised that I could turn them inside out and use them as storage units for small objects like USB cables and mains adaptors.

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Throwing out more stuff — a continuing saga

Not everyone will find this fascinating, but at the very least I want my friend Sarah the professional declutterer to know about it. Here’s what I took to the dump today:

2016-04-02 13.53.58--more-junk

That box full of paper may not look like much, but I weighed it at 28.7 kg. A single sheet of regular 80 gsm A4 paper weighs 5 g, so that’s the equivalent of 5740 pages. Some of this is cardboard, so I didn’t actually dump 5000 pages here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 4000.

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WHY did I have all this stuff?

The clearout continues … but it’s leaving me with more questions than answers.

For example: why? WHY do I have four issues of ACM Press’s software engineering notes from late 1990 and early 1991?

2016-03-30 11.53.47--old-acm-notes

And why? WHY do I have Deloitte and Touche’s financial reports on the Premier League for 1996, 1997 and 1998? Why did I EVER have them?

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Finally dumping the obsolete technology

I mentioned I’d been clearing out such worthless junk as my four PCMCIA wireless networking cards. Well, since then, I found two more. And all of them are now gone. Here’s how I loaded the car this morning:

2016-03-28 12.53.24

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Clearing out some junk: computing paraphernalia of yesteryear

My office had become ridiculously messy. I’ve accumulated a lot of computer-related junk over the years — stuff that was once useful, but which time has passed by, like my collection of ethernet cables. (Who uses wired Internet anymore? It’s so last decade.) Making it worse, we have friends who come and stay every year, sleeping in the office, and one of them is a professional declutterer. So far, she’s politely held her own counsel as the room gets more and more cluttered each year, but that dam will break eventually. So today, I am throwing out this stuff:

2016-03-25 17.52.02

(Actually, there’s more — I took this photo before I’d finished making today’s pile.)

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