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What’s wrong with my printer? (HP CP1515n)

I have a nice printer: an HP Color Laserjet CP1515n. It printed really clean, strong colours until a few months ago, when it started displacing the magenta. Check out this portion of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux test page:

As you can see, each individual nozzle (cyan, magenta, yellow) produces a really nice, clean print. And the green composite comes out nicely, too, because the cyan and yellow nozzles are correctly aligned. But the red (= magenta + yellow) and blue (= cyan + magenta) are fuzzy, because the magenta nozzle is not correctly aligned with the other two.

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Decomposing an image to CMYK in Gimp

My stupid printer (HP Color LaserJet CP1515n) has recently started printing colour wrongly.  It seems the problem is that it’s just not using the cyan nozzle at all.  (Grr!  Printers!  Horrible things!)

On the left: Ubuntu’s printer-test page as it should appear; on the right, the same page as it appears on my printer.

To illustrate the problem, I wanted to produce the image above.

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