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We’re selling our model railway

Remember back in 2011 we started building a new model railway? (That blogging series didn’t really get off the ground — though I’ll finish it one day, because the actual railway has come out pretty nicely.) But in part zero of that series, I showed our older railway, built in 2004:


Well, we’re selling that railway now on eBay. We need to recover some space, and we can’t really justify keeping both old and new layouts.

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Frameworks and leaky abstractions

A bit of personal history, as background, before we jump in …

In late 2009, I got it into my head that there was a web-site I wanted to build.  That web-site would be backed by a database, and would allow records in the database to be created, edited, listed, viewed, deleted and linked together in various ways.  (I won’t talk about the details now, because I want to save them for when I can link to the running site, which doesn’t exist yet.)

I’ve built a lot of conceptually similar sites in my time, mostly using Perl with HTML::Mason to embed mod_perl code fragments in HTML templates (kind of like the way PHP works).  This has entailed having some kind of layer between the application and the database to enable objects to be stored — what we now call an ORM layer, although I didn’t know that term back when I first wrote one in (probably) 2001.

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