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Why football is important

A while back, I signed a government petition, “Review the need for a statutory owners and Directors Test in Football”. As a result, I got an email today:

The Petitions Committee would like to hear your views on why football clubs are important, and who you think should be responsible for ensuring they survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

Share your views by completing this anonymous survey:

So I filled in the survey. (It doesn’t take long, and if it’s something you have an opinion on, you should feel free to do the same.)

In response to the main question, Why are football clubs important?, this is what I wrote:
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Application to coach the England rugby team

I just sent this letter off to the Rugby Football Union:


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Oh, England.

I was going to write something about England’s latest abject footballing failure, but a sequence of six tweets from Tony Barett said everything I wanted to say, much better than I would have said it. Here there are.

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How I nearly became Everton manager (1998)

Dear Sirs, I am writing to apply for the vacant position of Everton's football manager.  My footballing CV is enclosed. Yours faithfully, Mike Taylor

Covering letter

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I despair of English football

I don’t usually write about football (aka. soccer) here because I know it’s not of interest to most readers. But I just have to get this off my chest. Last night’s England-Italy game was the most inane approximation of a football match that I’ve ever seen our sorry excuse for a national team perpetrate.

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