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Marquise au Chocolat

I generally don’t like to make desserts. I tend not to eat them in restaurants, either. The question I always ask myself is, is this dessert going to be better than a bar of chocolate? Usually, the answer is no. But for marquise au chocolat, the answer is a definite yes.


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Sag gosht (lamb and spinach curry)

This is one of my favourite curries. I have a recipe on a bit of paper that I took down over the phone from a friend, but I have no idea where it’s originally from. Anyway, it deserves to be  more widely known. Rather than list the ingredients separately at the top, I am just bolding them when they’re first mentioned.

Just a picture of lamb spinach curry that I found on the Internet, not one that I made myself.

Just a random picture of some lamb spinach curry that I found on the Internet, not a photo or some that I made myself.

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My quest to become overweight

I am 1.81 meters tall — I know this, because I got the nurse to measure me at my annual health-check a few days ago. For the last decade or so, my weight (or mass, if you’re scientifically inclined and pedantic) has hovered between 100 and 105 kg. At the bottom end of that range, 100 kg and 1.81 m gives me a body mass index of 100 / 1.812 = 30.5. According to the standard categories, that makes me obese — only just, as the threshhold is 30.

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It’s impossible to melt a Cadbury Flake

I discovered by accident that it’s impossible to melt a Cadbury Flake — our son needed to melt some chocolate for school-related reasons at short notice, and the Flake was the only chocolate we had in the house. Although it tastes identical to other Cadbury’s chocolate, it simply will not melt, instead breaking down into a coarse chocolate powder.


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Part 3 in the ongoing This Is Why I’m Fat series


… although, to cut myself some credit, it was made using the rice left over from last night’s meal.

The other ingredients, as if you didn’t already know: “spicy crab” (surimi, mayonnaise, chili powder), pickled daikon, lettuce, nori (sheets of dried seaweed), and of course soy sauce and gari (pickled ginger).

Oops, I did it again

How’s that diet going, Mike?


Uh, not so great. Why do you ask?

This is why I’m fat

Because my weight was gradually creeping up, I put myself on a diet at the end of April: no chocolate, no alcohol, no food between meals, and smaller portions. I am sticking to the first three prongs, but this is what I made myself for lunch last Friday:


I know … I’m not helping myself.