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Face it, Google: Everyone hates the new Google Reader

There are 118 blogs that I’m at least somewhat interested in.  Rather than keep track of them all by visiting each one every day(!), I use an RSS reader to let me know when something interesting has been posted.

Until today, I have been using Google Reader, which had a pretty high It Just Works quotient.  But when I logged on this morning I found the user interface grotesquely degraded:

Google's crappy new Reader

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Web-sites! Do NOT pre-populate URL fields with “http://”

Who the heck is this meant to be for?

It’s the dialogue that WordPress gives you when you want to make part of the text of your blog entry into a link.  And the URL field comes pre-populated with a fatuous “http://”.  This saves me 0.4 seconds of typing on the one occasion in 1,000,000 that I intend to type the URL by hand.  On the other 999,999 occasions, it means instead that I have to highlight and delete the unwanted text before I can paste in the URL that I’ve copied.

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