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Why does my knee hurt? Someone must know

Five years ago, when I was at the 2010 SVPCA meeting in Cambridge, my knees were very painful. Walking was a trial, and going up and down the steps to the accommodation was pretty awful. I had no idea why my knees had started hurting, and neither did the doctor who I consulted. I also have no idea why they stopped hurting a little later. This whole episode makes no sense, given my generally good health.


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My quest to become overweight

I am 1.81 meters tall — I know this, because I got the nurse to measure me at my annual health-check a few days ago. For the last decade or so, my weight (or mass, if you’re scientifically inclined and pedantic) has hovered between 100 and 105 kg. At the bottom end of that range, 100 kg and 1.81 m gives me a body mass index of 100 / 1.812 = 30.5. According to the standard categories, that makes me obese — only just, as the threshhold is 30.

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Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet — I’ve been busy dissecting an ostrich skull

Oddly, the title of this post is literally true.  I know I’ve quiet on this blog for the last few days, and it’s because I’ve been busy dissecting an ostrich skull.  Admittedly, I’ve also been watching a lot of the World Cup, and going through Buffy Season 2 again, not to mention obsessing over tomorrow evening’s finale of Doctor Who Season 5.  But the ostrich has taken up much of my non-work-time attention, and all my blogging effort.

Here she is after a couple of simmerings, having been skinned and with her frontal bones removed, showing the brain and eyeballs from above.

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