DALL-E’s weird problem with text

Long-term readers will remember that I am in a very occasional prog-rock band called Crooked End, and that we have a song called Dancing Through the Storm. (As befits a prog band, it’s a multi-part epic.) It occurred to me to wonder what the “artificial intelligence” DALL-E might come up with as cover art if we released an album of that name. Here’s what it came up with:

The actual artwork here is unobjectionable though uninspired. I don’t understand why it’s so obsessed with trees, or as it maybe be, beanstalks, But what really fascinates me is what the AI has done with the text I fed it — the band name and the album name. The four covers it’s proposed bear the following text:

  • The Doing The Dhode
  • Troof Crind — Thee the Crramge
  • (Incomprehensible: maybe Ote wc Drye Dvverrdt Do’le)
  • Tronk Droge — Of The The

Now I will admit that Tronk Droge is a better band name than Crooked End (which in any case is only named after the road that our house is on). And something in me wants to write a song called Of The The. But I do wonder what DALL-E is smoking.


One response to “DALL-E’s weird problem with text

  1. I really feel like you need to at least release a song called Tronk Droge now.

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