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What I’ve been reading lately, part 45

Lead — John Greenway, Andy Blacknell and Andy Coombe

This the densest and most economical business leadership I have come across. It’s a genre I am not particularly drawn to, and which is ripe for parody, but I read it because I know two of the authors. And I have to admit, I ended up finding it really helpful. That’s because, while most business books have One Big Idea, this one settles down (after an opening going over vision, values and goals) into an efficient format of four-or-five page chapters, each summarising the big insight from another book. So there are brief chapters on thing like the Four Stages of Competence and the Eisenhower Matrix, which give you the core of each of them without requiring you to plough through a whole book. Recommended.

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Sushi in Hamburg

I just got back from Hamburg, a ten day trip that is my first significant travel since the start of the pandemic. Among the many delights of that trip, I count this sushi:

It’s from Kōgai Sushi, Valentinskamp 89, 20354 Hamburg, Germany, and I highly recommend it. So much so that in fact I went there three times during my ten days: once with my colleague Jason Skomorowski, then again with a group of three or four other colleagues, and then on the last night with a group of 11 friends and collaborators from WOLFcon 2022, which had just finished.

Annoyingly, Kōgai has no website that I can find, but you can see a bunch more photos on Google Maps. Highly recommended if you happen to be in Hamburg.