Four pizzas (and a crust cross-section)

Since I started making my own pizza, I’ve been doing it a lot. I’ve tried all sorts of variations, and made a lot of discoveries [evidence 1, evidence 2, evidence 3]. Today I want to show you four pizzas I’ve made recently.

This one is sun-dried tomatoes and anchovies with soft goat’s cheese. I like to change things up a bit from time to time, and this one is refreshingly different what I usually do. It’s very slightly inspired by the Maria Crazy pizza that they used to make at Pizza Bella in Crouch End, back when we lived there from 2000–2005.

Now my mainstay, spicy chorizo and pickled jalapeños with mozzarella:

That one, I couldn’t wait to eat, so I only remember to get a photograph when I’d partially destroyed it. So delicious, though. Oh yeah.

Now Fiona’s favourite pizza:

An unusual combination, this one, stilton and walnut with dried prunes. We got the idea of using stilton and walnut from Pepper’s Perfect Pizza, a family-run mobile pizza stand that got started during the first Covid lockdown. The prunes are my own addition, inspired by the my very successful stilton, walnut and prune pies.

Last up is a BBQ meat feast. I know that lovers of real pizza will find this one morally unacceptable, but to me, it’s just delicious:

This one has spicy chorizo, bacon and roast chicken, topped with mature cheddar cheese and a squirt of BBQ sauce. It’s loosely inspired by the “T-Rex” pizza at Aiello’s Pizza, where Matt Wedel and I got lots of takeaways when we were staying in Pittsburgh to work in the Carnegie Museum.

Finally: you may think that the crust in this one looks very broad. That’s because it blew up so much in the cooking. Here’s how it looked once I tore into it:

And in glorious close-up:

And that is why you don’t get your pizzas ready-made from a supermarket.

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