I, Darth trilon am a Sith.

A Sith is a Jedi who has found the true sorce to powor.

A siths primary hand weapen is a Light Saber like a Jedi.

Unlike a Jedi we are evil.

A Jedi Trusts justice and their own puny uce of the force.

A Sith uses fear as powor.

We use our puneshments to feed our force abilaties.

The Jedi only use their own force powor when they have to.

They say they seek wizdom, not powor.

why do they have their powor when they

don’t want it?


Darth sidious was an extra wise sith.

he survived where most sith would have died.

he would have fully ruled the galaxy if Yoda [ A jedi master]

had not trained luke skywalker to become another little annoying jedi.

He finally turned Lord Vader [ his sith aprentice] aghenst him where he finally met his death.


Count dooko was one of lord Sidious’s greatest aprentese’s.Dooko was a brave and galliont warlord.

He nealy killed Obi-wan konobi and anakin [Two of the best jedi].

He alsow took part aghenst the the Rupublic clone armies.

His side was called the seprotests.

Droids wore used with many blasters and mistiles along with the clones which made the battle a blure of lasers and explozions.

He was finally destroyed by anakin.


Lord maul was one of the finest sith untill he was destroyed by

obi-wan konobi while he was in his youth.

Unlike most sith, his lightsabre was double sided’

In other words it oporates on both sides.

The light sabre was his greatest advantage.

he twisted and twirled and span it like I do.

It’s in such a way that the sabre looks like a blure of red!

he was the evelest sith other than sidious that I know.

[Daniel Taylor, 2006 — aged 8]

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