Three recent meals

On Monday last week, I made pizza from scratch for the whole family: but because it’s hard to separate a mass of dough out into five equal parts, I made enough for six pizzas, and saved the last dough ball for the next day. This is my lunch last Tuesday:

That’s a home-made dough of course, topped with a very simple tomato sauce, mozzarella, thinly sliced chorizo and jalapenos.

Then on Thursday night it was my eldest son’s 23rd birthday, so he got to choose what we had for dinner. I made sushi for us all:

Closest to the camera, we have two salmon rolls and a tuna roll. Next plate back, five tuna nigiri (one each), ten salmon nigiri (two each) and a single prawn nigiri (for Dan, since it was his birthday). Next plate back: another salmon roll (I think), and two shrimp rolls, one of them inside-out and dragon-style. Rear plate: spicy crab roll down the middle, flanked by two “Chinese duck” rolls: chicken, spring onion and hoi sin sauce. Off to the left, one more spicy crab roll that wouldn’t fit on the main plates.

Then the next day, for reasons I can’t quite explain, I had an urge to make curries, so here’s what we had that evening:

Top row, left to right: dupiaza and korma. Middle row: rice. Bottom row, left to right: dhansak, aloo gobi. On this occasion I made the dhansak with brown rather then red lentils, which gives it much more texture. I also squeezed half a lemon into it, then sliced up the remainder of the lemon and mixed it in. I highly recommend this: it gives you little explosions of flavour.

If anyone wonders … yes, this is why I’m fat.

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