I suppose I ought to watch the Doctor Who new year special

And yet I can’t feel our family decision instead to re-watch the 2011 Christmas special The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe was the smart play. Apparently Graham and Ryan leave the series during the special, though, so that’s something to look forward to. It’s just possible that Yaz as sole companion might turn out to have as-yet only hinted-at depths.

Word on the street[1] is that Jodie Whittaker’s on the way out, too, at the end of the forthcoming season. I for one will not mourn her passing, as I consider her the weakest of all the New Who Doctors. Now if we can just get rid of Chris Chibnall, we might really be getting somewhere.

And get of my darned lawn.


[1] OK, word in the Guardian if you want to be pedantic.

7 responses to “I suppose I ought to watch the Doctor Who new year special

  1. Started OK… lifted a little… then mediocre… and then downhill from there.

  2. Just realized I’ve not even seen the second half of the second season of Doc Jodie :O .. guess thats how engaged I was :/

    Doc Jodie – we barely saw her imho, as Chibnall doesn’t have the chops. So I’d welcome her back with a new writer..

    So, move Chibnall out the door and I’ll be happier. The sound design has been solid (not a fan of the current theme though), and the visuals have been solid; super crisp recording. They’re putting money and effort in, just Chibnall can’t handle it imho. How did he get the job? :/

    Whatever happened to the black woman Doctor (was she really a The Doctor?) I’ll have to find out.. is she next, or just a throwaway ..

    But New Who is in doubt as long as Chibnall is at the helm; but maybe just us old fart long term fans don’t like him… whats the word on the street? Is DW dieing, or as big as ever?

  3. Mike you didn’t miss much.

    Jeff, I agree we’d need to see Whitaker with a proper writer behind her to judge. The Other Doctor seemed quite deliberately a parallel development, with a lawyer’s interpretation of the Doctor’s normal ‘rules’, such as using guns. Which makes me doubt she’s a future incarnation. Every now and then Chibnall does seem to have a half-decent idea. Then, stuck for a way to develop it, tosses it aside. Reckon she’ll be the same.

  4. My own feeling is that anyone who lived through the early Colin Baker era ought to be getting severe deja vu right about now. :) It’s even got the same sort of fan dynamics! The only significant difference is perhaps that the wider spread of social media means that the extreme positions are more visible than they were then.

    Personally, my biggest complaint with Chibnall is that he is clearly trying to replicate ‘classic’ Who (even to the extent of largely ignoring ‘modern’ canon) but without seeming to realise that the modern format simply doesn’t work with the older style of stories that he is trying to do. So he creates an interesting TARDIS crew and comes up with interesting scenarios and then continually discovers that he doesn’t have room in a 45m episode to do enough with all of them so none of them get proper attention, not even the Doctor. I think that his forte is clearly long-form (Broadchurch was a very good demonstration of this, for all its own flaws) but Doctor Who is not that sort of a show, which may be why he is still seen as floundering, even after all these years.

  5. Honestly I enjoyed it more than the rest of the Jodie Whittaker / Chris Chibnall episodes, although that’s a bit like saying I preferred having pins stuck in my hands to nails. It’s not that bad overall and if you go in expecting to hate it you might just about manage to come out slightly impressed. I shall miss Graham though; he was the only character in the last series that I found remotely tolerable.

  6. One of the highlights of being locked down and forced to forage on “the streams” has been my belated discovery of Dr. Who. I knew about the show but I never watched it. Now I am four Doctors into it and I’m delighted. It’s easily the most absurdly crazy, funny, and serious fantasy out there. Just like Godzilla is the most stompy of monsters the TARDIS is the most Deus ex machina’ey of Deus ex machines. Combing that with regenerating Doctors gives complete plot freedom to screenwriters. It’s a testament to the many writers that have worked on the show that they haven’t abused such freedom. “With great power comes great responsibility.” I’d say long live the Doctor but that’s pointless given the character’s and the show’s longevity.

  7. Personally, when I first heard about the female doctor, I was hoping for a male companion, reverse the dynamic. I think that the multiple companions was a mistake, and now that I’ve heard that yaz will be the sole companion… well, now I want to watch the next season even less.

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