I’m getting better at this pizza thing

I didn’t think to get a photo before I’d eaten a good chunk of it:

But here is last night’s pizza — one of three that I made. Fiona’s was topped with olives and anchovies, Jonno’s with BBQ chicken. For my own, I planned to go 100% traditional and use only tomato sauce, mozzarella and a few basil leaves, but I chickened out at the last minute and added sliced chorizo.

I think this is a big step up from the first time I did this a few weeks ago. I am starting to get a feel for the dough, and to be better at stretching it. Also, the mozzarella melts well and for longer, past the point where cheddar starts to toast. In some ways I still prefer the more distinct taste of a good cheddar, but there’s no doubt that mozarella brings something distinct to the table.


5 responses to “I’m getting better at this pizza thing

  1. That looks damn tasty, but eating pizza with knife and fork? Such barbarity!

  2. That’s the glorious cultural adapability of pizza!

  3. This looks great – and trust me, I am from Naples, we invented pizza!

  4. Now that is high praise! Thank you, Vincenzo!

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