ScottKit in the wild!

Thanks to a tweet (in Spanish!) from Zona Fi, I have learned of not one but two series of adventure games being written in my toolkits for building Scott Adams-format adventure games!

The first is written in ScottKit, the newer and better of the two:

It is Jason Compton’s Ghost King, an interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which you can play online at Netlify (though I can’t find a way to download it). As Jason explains:

GHOST KING is the first entry in the fictitious Scott Adams Literary Adventure Diversions (S.A.L.A.D.) series, not-actually-launched in 1980 to adapt classic tales to 8-bit microcomputer adventures. Based on Hamlet by William Shakespeare and the style of Scott Adams and Adventure International.

In the (brief) documentation, he says “I’m already working on S.A.L.A.D. #2. Stay tuned”. I’ll be interested to see what comes next.

The second series is Jeremy Harden’s series of four (so far) Weird Adventures, based in the H. P. Lovecraft universe. These are written using my older and inferior toolkit, sac, the Scott Adams Compiler.

(Jeremy, you should port these to ScottKit! It’s easy: just decompile your compiled files using scottkit -d weird1.dat > weird1.sck!)

I’m absolutely delighted to discover both these series of games: my thanks to Jason and Jeremy for building them.

2 responses to “ScottKit in the wild!

  1. Congratulations, the text adventure (or “Interactive fiction”, as it is now apparently called) genre is not dead yet!

  2. Very much not dead! There are numerous prestigious IF contests every year — most recently the 2020 Spring Thing.

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