Mike’s very slightly less belated thoughts on Spyfall, part 2

That was … both better and worse than I expected. On the positive side was the opening of Daniel Barton’s tech presentation:

“We gave you pieces of plastic and circuitry and games and you handed us, me, my company, total access to your lives, what you buy, where you go, who you text, what you text, every thought and photo and post, every credit-card number, every birthday, every memorable place and all your mothers’ maiden names. So thank you for carrying our cameras in your pockets and putting our microphones in your bedrooms, for signing up your kids, handing them our devices.”

On the negative side was … the rest of that speech (we’re going to use your DNA as a hard drive … seriously). Oh, and the rest of the episode.

Poor Chris Chibnall continues to give the impression of someone who has had Doctor Who described to him, poorly, but has never actually seen an episode. He has heard someone say “The Doctor can go anywhere in time and space”, and leapt — with admirable agility but lamentably poor judgement — to the conclusion that it would be even better if the Doctor went everywhere in time and space. So in an episode that already had the Master, the floaty glowy aliens, the evil Steve Jobs, all the spy tech and an alien dimension, we yank in poor Ada Lovelace, who has absolutely nothing to do. And then we drag her into 1943 Paris, where she again has nothing to do, and in yet another clumsy attempt at feminism we now get to meet Noor Inayat Khan, whose only contribution is to lend the Doctor her radio.

Chibnall really seems to believe that if you pour enough ingredients into the pot, the result can only be a tasty meal. He doesn’t understand that lamb, fish, stilton, olives and lemon sorbet just don’t go together.

Or maybe he knows that less is more — but also knows that when you use fewer ingredients, your technique is more visible. And that his own technique is nowhere near up to the job.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

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