Writing to my MP about no-deal Brexit and suspending Parliament

Dear Mark Harper,

I have written to you more times than either of us probably cares to remember about Brexit, which I believe is a bad deal for Britain and particularly for under-privileged areas like the Forest of Dean. But let us assume for the moment that we both accept Conservative Party policy is to press on with Brexit because of a mandate from the 2016 referendum.

We all know that there is no 2016 mandate for leaving without a deal, since all the pro-Leave campaigning for that referendum was about the excellent deal we will get. I therefore urge you to represent the real interests of your constituents by strenuously resisting the present calls to leave without a deal — something that all informed analysis says will be catastrophic both economically and socially.

Also: the argument for following through on the result of the referendum is that democracy must be respected. As you well know, we live in a parliamentary democracy where the primacy of Parliament has never been seriously questioned since the time of the Stewarts. The notion, then, of suspending Parliament in order to force through a no-deal Brexit that no-one voted for is the exact opposite of democracy, and in a rational world should not even be under consideration. Yet a swing to the hardest of the hard right within the Conservative party seems to have put this option under serious consideration by the Prime Minster-elect.

I therefore urge you, for the good of the country, of Parliament and even of the Conservative party, to take every necessary measure to ensure that Parliament is not suspended. In particular, please support the amendments to the Northern Ireland Bill which will require the House of Commons to sit during October 2019.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mike Taylor
Oakleigh Farm House #F
Crooked End
Gloucestershire GL17 9XF

5 responses to “Writing to my MP about no-deal Brexit and suspending Parliament

  1. “We all know”
    You know. I disagree. Many others do.

    “that there is no 2016 mandate for leaving without a deal”,
    There is a mandate for leaving, which is what was on the ballot paper. The type of deal for leaving was not part of the ballot. The ballot is the mandate. Leaving without a deal. Leaving with a deal. Leaving with a prize teddy bear. Leaving with a massive explosion and a bag of smarties. The only part of that sentence that matters is to Leave. Which is what the referendum chose.

    “since all the pro-Leave campaigning for that referendum was about the excellent deal we will get.”
    Anybody who thought such promises were bollocks, or who ignored the campaign or who didn’t hear the campaign or who had made their minds up before the campaign – their votes are discarded under your ‘logic’. Have you ever tried seeing how insulting this is from a Leave voter’s position?

    If Barry the drunk on my road, had decided he would be the Leave campaign and campaigned on nothing more than “Free ice cream when we leave” – would Leave voters then be in hock to his madness? You’d be here still trotting out this stuff but it would be “Because free ice cream was promised and no ice cream will be forthcoming, then all the Leave votes are nullified.”

    You’re maybe insane? Not in general. Not about sushi or Doctor Who, or suspending parliament being a bad idea, but on this one weird blind point. My insanity on the other hand is thinking I can ever get you to see a different point of view. You literally do not understand the counter point to your position. You probably couldn’t even articulate it. I wish you’d try.

  2. Hi Mike,
    You have my deepest sympathies. A hard brexit now seems inevitable with all that will entail.
    If you haven’t already sent that correspondance then I would advise altering it. You have clouded the issues of the primacy of Parliament and the importance of democracy with an argument over the validity of the mandate for leaving. rjubber has shown how easily that can be used to derail your main argument.

  3. Well, someone was less polite than I would have been.

  4. Well, as disapointing as it is to see the blinkering effect Brexit has had on some of my commenters, I guess there is a lesson there. What it’s done here, it’s done to the populace. We all thought the Internet would be medium from spreading knowledge. It does that; but not as efficiently as it spreads stupidity.

  5. If you want a picture of the future, imagine two one-eyed men calling each other blind, for ever.

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