Asking Mark Harper to back the Wilson/Kyle proposal

Poor Mark Harper. As my democratically elected representative, it’s his job to read what I write to him. I last wrote back in early December, and rapidly changing events have led me to write again. Here’s the letter:

Dear Mark Harper,

I am sorry to write to you yet again about Brexit — this must be at least the fourth time, more likely the fifth, and I assure you that I want this to go away at least as much as you do. But you will recognise that since my last letter, sent on 8th December, the circumstances have changed dramatically, and not for the better.

It is now more apparent than ever that whatever Brexit we are able to achieve will bear little resemblance to what people voted for in the 2016 referendum; and, worse, that we now face the real and growing prospect of a no-deal Brexit that would take us at a stroke from being one of the best connected countries in the world to the least connected: devastating trade, bankrupting businesses, and leaving a legacy of economic disaster that no government could ever hope to recover from.

I am sure you will agree that there is nothing conservative about this course of action. The essence of small-c conservatism, in accordance with Chesterton’s Fence, is preserving what we have until we are able to properly analyse the likely outcomes of change, rather than ripping up the status quo in the optimistic hope that something better will come along. In that spirit, I am asking you — no, begging you, as my elected representative — to do two things.

1. Do all that you can to prevent a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances.
2. Support the Wilson/Kyle proposal that the exit deal negotiated by Theresa May be offered to the people for democratic ratification in a Final Say referendum. (See for details). We now know, after many rounds of negotation with the EU, that May’s deal is the best Brexit we can obtain. This means that the country finally knows what Brexit actually is, and it is only reasonable to now go back to the people and say “This is it: do you want it?”

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mike Taylor
Oakleigh Farm House
Crooked End
GL17 9XF

As before, I have sent this using the very helpful WriteToThem site. If you feel strongly about Brexit, or indeed any other political issue, I urge you to do the same: write to your own MP.

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