Lego-ish Blockade Runner and Nebulon B Frigate

Back in March, I and my eldest son Dan both got Lepin STAR PLAN kits — from the same Lego-alike manufacturer that made my STAR WNRS Super Star Destroyer. I got a Tantive IV blockade runner, a kit I’d wanted for years but which Lego long ago stopped making.

Dan got a Nebulon B Frigate, a ship that he’s loved since he was six but which as far as I know has never existed in an official Lego kit.

This Christmas holiday, we finally had time to build them. They are both substantial kits and took a long, long time to put together.

The quality of the pieces is mostly very good. In almost all cases, the blocks feel just like Lego, and fit together just as well. There are only two exceptions: the turntables that hold the Blockade Runner’s gun turrets are very poor, and fall apart easily; and the scoop on the underside of the Nebulon B Frigate’s back half falls open under gravity. Since these are superficial parts, they don’t really affect the build.

It’s hard to overstate just what lovely kits these are, and how very well they capture the essence of the ships they represent. The Blockade Runner in particular is just gorgeous — though a bit fragile around the engines, which are each attached to the body by just eight studs.

Here are a few more photos to finish up.


2 responses to “Lego-ish Blockade Runner and Nebulon B Frigate

  1. Where’d you get these bad boys? Approx $ value? Those are some good looking kits, to be sure :)

  2. Those are very cool. Now you just need to add LED lights to them to really make them stand out! ;)

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