Just a little late-night snack

I’m working late, so I treated myself to this small plate:

The cheeses:

  • Parmesan (Italian)
  • Manchego (Spanish)
  • Saint Agur (French)
  • Wensleydale with cranberries (English)

The meats:

  • Parma ham (Italian)
  • Chorizo (Spanish)

And of course the wine: Rioja, from Spain.

Please don’t take me out of the Single Market. I like it here.


2 responses to “Just a little late-night snack

  1. dinnerpartylog

    You can get good alternatives to all in California. Then of course you would have to deal with a whole new level of political idiocy!

  2. Um, do you think that outside the single market there would be sanctions imposed on the UK, preventing countries from exporting to us, like those on Iran? Because that’s the only reason I can think of why any of those things wouldn’t be available. Otherwise there’s absolutely no reason why those things wouldn’t be available, plus loads more yummy things were currently stopped from importing, or only allowed quotas of, by the protectionist customs union, like mouthwatering Argentinian steak.

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