In one month, I’ve lost 6.4 kg (14.1 lb, 1 stone)

On the 13th of last month, having just got back from a fattening week in the USA, I weighed myself after my morning shower, and registered 105.4 kg. Today is the 13th, exactly one month on, and I weighed in at 99.0 kg. That’s a loss of 6.4 kb, which is almost exactly 14 pounds or, as the England have it, one stone.

Here’s how it was done:

(That’s just a single spicy crab roll in the photo, by the way: I cut it into twelve narrow slices instead of the traditional eight thicker slices.)

I’ve been on what I call the Eating Much Less Diet. And the key to is is: I eat much less, but what I do eat is all stuff that I really, really like. So most days I’ve been making myself a sushi roll for lunch and another for dinner, and that’s it for the day. (Note: sushi happens to give me a decent balance of protein, carbs, minerals, etc. But that’s just a bonus.) Zero snacking. Reject all offers of cakes and suchlike in social contexts.

I still have a way to go: getting under 100 kg was a big moment, of course, but my next goal is 98 kg. That’s the point where, at my height, I will technically be merely overweight rather than, as at present, obese:

Realistically, I will never get into the green zone of “normal” weight: that would require me to get down to 80 kg, and I’m just not built to be that size. But I guess a good goal would be to get right into the middle of the yellow “overweight” zone, which would be at 90 kg.



7 responses to “In one month, I’ve lost 6.4 kg (14.1 lb, 1 stone)

  1. You and Gerard both have grandad Sineys build, very broad, strong, big hands and feet so you will never be greyhounds. The trick is to reach a weight that makes you happy and healthy.

  2. Exactly. That’s why I think the 80 kg “normal” threshold is a red herring for me.

  3. Don’t worry about your BMI. It’s based on 200 year old Belgian data, on top of being overly simplistic to begin with. It really shouldn’t be used for anything of consequence.

  4. Don’t be concerned — I know how flawed BMI is, and I’m not worried by it. I just gives me some handy thresholds to aim at besides the obvious numeric ones (100 kg, 95 kg, etc.). And thresholds are useful as ratchet points.

  5. Brilliant! :)

  6. Congratulations. You are not alone in your battle. If you are going to have to eat less, you might as well enjoy what you do eat.

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