Metal Jester at the Marquee in 1991

A few years ago, I wrote about the heavy metal band, Anne Heap of Frogs, that I was the guitarist for in my late teens; and then about Crossfire, the band that come out of that, and some other bits and pieces. But there is one more chapter to the story, and it’s much more impressive.

Trojan Horse, Lick That, Metal Jester

After singing with AHOF and Crossfire, Richard Whitbread went on to front a much more serious band, Metal Jester, which did well enough to get a gig at the Marquee — then, one of the top rock venues in the UK. The layout of the ticket suggests they were third on a bill of three, which would still pretty darned impressive, but as Richard elucidates below, they were actually the main act.

I found my ticket from that gig the other day, when I was looking for guitar strings. I thought that Richard, at least, would like to see it, hence the scan above. Sadly, although the ticket specifies most of the date (Sunday 30th June) it omits the year. I initially guessed that it was the summer after Stortfest — 1989. (It can’t have been earlier than 1988, because that’s the year that the Marquee Club moved from Wardour Street to its Charing Cross Road address.) UPDATE: Richard has commented below: it was 1991.

I don’t know what happened to Metal Jester after that, though. Maybe Richard can enlighten us?


4 responses to “Metal Jester at the Marquee in 1991

  1. 30th of June was a Friday in 1989, it was a Sunday in 1991

  2. Richard G. Whitbread

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to write / put this up, Michael – very much appreciated, as well as bringing back some good memories. I’m not sure if I have / ever had a copy of the ticket; a poster that we did for the gig and a (somewhat grainy) colour photo of myself on stage I do still possess, however. The year, incidentally, was 1991. I left the band shortly thereafter to go travelling, initially for a year…

    Regarding the billing, we were friends with the guys in the other two bands so we actually ended up headlining. (If memory serves me correctly, since it was considered that ‘MJ’ had done the bulk of the preparation, including promising the promoters that we would fill the venue, which we pretty much did) we were allowed to go on last. Oddly enough, the main thing I remember about the gig itself was not so much the music (we ended the show with our only cover, Iron Maiden’s ‘Prowler’) as the heat – the overhead stage lights were so oppressive that I thought at one point I was going to pass out…!

    As to what happened to the rest of the band, I’m afraid I have no idea. I have occasionally tried to locate them, e.g., via the wonders of ‘Facebook’, but as yet without success. Whatever, I hope they’re doing well…wherever they are.

    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for filling in the details, Richard: the story is even more impressive than I’d realised! I’ve slightly modified the post to account for the information you included here.

    If you want the ticket, it’s yours. Email me your postal address — you have my email address.

    And if you’d like to send me scans of the poster and photo, I’d love to add them to this post.

  4. Richard G. Whitbread

    I suppose ‘headlining’ makes it sound somewhat grander than the reality…but hey, it’s all rock ‘n’ roll (as they say)! Thanks for the kind offer of the ticket. I’ll take a look when I’m next back – if I can’t locate one, I’ll let you know. As for scans of the poster / photo, I’ll see what I can do.

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