Finishing Enchanter (1983)

I finished Enchanter a few days ago, but forgot to blog it. It turned out that all the remaining puzzles were tied up in a single string of dependencies, such that when I’d solved the first problem, all the others became pretty obvious. That’s satisfying — but the way into solving that first problem was not satisfying — it derived from the only spoiler for the game that I’d read. (For those who know the game, it was a comment about the reason why frotzing yourself is not a good idea.)

Following the spoiler that this pointed to led to a scroll which led me to solution of one, then another, then another of the remaining problems, and soon I was done.

Putting it all together, I think this is pretty successful game which stands up well 34 years on. A big part of that is its consistent atmosphere: the land where it takes place is suffering, and it progressively degrades as the game progresses. The bad guy is clearly and unpleasantly evil, so that finishing him off is a very good moment. And some of the puzzles are nothing short of beautiful.

You can download Enchanter from various places, and there are various interpreters that can run it. Give it a try, if you like.


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