The top ten searches that bring people to this site

I don’t understand why this should be as it is, but here are the top ten searches that bring people to this site (from the WordPress stats page):

1 x-rays 6,680
2 sushi 5,926
3 the lightning thief 3,565
4 doctor who doctors 3,251
5 crunchie 2,525
6 doctor who 2,504
7 reinvigorated programmer 2,359
8 receipt 2,354
9 silmarillion 2,231
10 doctor who actors 2,136

#2 makes perfect sense, given the huge number of sushi photos on The Reinvigorated Programmer, and #4, #6 and #10 make sense in light of the many words I’ve spilled on Doctor Who. #5 (“crunchie”) sneaks in because of the Crunchie-refund saga, which I never thought of as a particularly major part of this site but OK. I suppose #8 (“receipt”) is here for the same reason.

Obviously #7 makes perfect sense, and I am sort of relieved to discover that 2,359 people found this site by searching for its title. And I am rather pleased that “silmarillion” comes in at #9, presumably on the basis of my long-overdue serious attempt at reading it.

But I’m a bit baffled at “the lightning thief” coming in at #3, given that only one of my posts even mentions this title: that is, my brutal (but well deserved) review of the terrible film adaptation.

And what on earth am I to make of the number-one search term, “x-ray”, which apparently brought 6,680 people to the site? I’ve only even mentioned X-rays twice, both of them absolutely fleeting mentions: in Answering 25 tough interview questions, part 3 and Step up to the plate, Mister President. I don’t really understand why either of those pages ever attracted a hit for “x-ray”.

It’s a strange world.

2 responses to “The top ten searches that bring people to this site

  1. I have an old webpage that’s basically just a bunch of jokes about Babylon 5. There is a passing reference to the “impossible” game of Freecell buried in the middle of it, but that turned out to be the most common reason for people ending up on my page…

  2. It gives one pause. Can you imagine what our civilization will be remembered for? Perhaps cole slaw.

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