Three short videos

In this short video installation, “Plug on floor”, the viewer is thrust into a conceptual space replete with an implicit socialist/capitalist dialectic conveyed through subsemiotic narrative. The artists speaks of our shared need to contextualise truth-as-a-totality into a postconceptual discourse.

In this second of a short series of video installations, “Extension Lead”, the viewer is invited to consider the penetrative/explorative nature of industrialisation, it distortative effect on gender-performant patriarchialist objectivism, and the pervasive influence of constructivist/deconstructivist nationalism in the age of Trump.

The third in this series of short videos is a post-feminist feminist statement, reversing the traditional gender roles in a neoconstructive discourse where a female is anointed with the heirophantic/patriarchal role of technology tutor. Is this a subversion of expectation? The very fact that it can be perceived as such is a narrative of futility, negating cultural discourse in favour of entrenched presemanticist/postsemiotic theory.



5 responses to “Three short videos

  1. “Post-feminist neoconstructive discourse” is very good, but with this sort of thing at least one piece has to be “an interrogation of the real”.

  2. It’s like you’re trying to say something, I know it.

  3. I am utterly, utterly confused about this. Partly as a network engineer, partly as a trans-whatsit, mostly as I don’t understand art and can’t figure out if people are being seriously artistic or if it’s a sort of post irony artistic statement.

    I should probably stick to beer and chocolate and shoes. You know where you are with them.

  4. I’m not quite sure why, but this reminds me of the infamous .

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