Watch Rick and Morty

A while back, I read a tweet that said something like “Rick and Morty has more ideas in a single episode than most series do in a whole season”. (I wish I could find that tweet, but I can’t.) [UPDATE! Chris R found it, and here it is!]

That claim caught my imagination, so I watched the first season. You should watch it, too.

I will admit that Rick and Morty is crude and offensive. It’s also endlessly inventive — that tweet wasn’t exaggerating — and sometimes extremely dark. And it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Some of the humour is entirely juvenile — there is a minor character called Mr. Poopybutthole — some of it very sophisticated. And all of it is thrown together into a single huge blend so you never know whether the next thing coming at you is going to be a grotesque insult, a philosophical insight, a laugh-out-loud gag or a bring-you-up-short character moment.

Highly, highly recommended.

5 responses to “Watch Rick and Morty

  1. Yeah, it reminds me of South Park in that sense of ambition unconstrained by any sort of boundaries, and an understanding of the medium and how to get the best out of it.
    (Like South Park, I also think it crosses the line a bit too often. But I don’t complain because usually it does so in order to be funny.)

  2. I think that’s the one! Thanks, Chris R!

  3. No problem. Reading “I can’t find X on the internet” is like catnip to me…

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