Artwork from 1980

I wonder, does anyone recognise this?

My mum found it recently, when she was throwing out some old stuff. It came with a note carrying my address and saying that I’d drawn it when I was 12. I am pretty sure we sent it to 2000 AD (hence the note with the return address) and I think they published it in Tharg‘s Nerve Centre. But, stupidly, I don’t have a copy of the issue that included it.

Since I was twelve when it was submitted, and my 2th birthday was on 12 March 1980, that means it was probably somewhere between Prog 156 and Prog 202. Is there a way to find it in that range?

Around the same time, I also drew this one — also executed in my favoured medium of ball-point pen. I seem to recall that it, too, was submitted to 2000 AD, but that it didn’t get published. (But I could easily be wrong: childhood memories are malleable.)

Here, for the record, are the raw scans of the two pictures.

Somehow, the dirty look, and the grain of the paper, conveys something that the cleaned-up versions don’t.

3 responses to “Artwork from 1980

  1. Very belatedly: I will probably steal these for a D&D game sooner or later. Cool stuff, glad you posted them.

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