Post-politics life, day 1: status update

Mood: liberated.

I feel like I can do other stuff now, without feeling nagging anxiety that Important Things are happening that I need to know about, have an opinion about, and tell other people what to think about.

I recommend it.

7 responses to “Post-politics life, day 1: status update

  1. Not much that us plebeians can do about this cruft. We organize. We vote. We protest. And go back to #1. At least GB doesn’t have Drumph to worry about! Oh, sorry! We ALL have to worry about that putz!

  2. Good for you. Paying attention to the French election is as pointless and boring as to any other.

    Drop the promised politics summary post, too. Replace it with a great sushi photo. It will make you feel better—and hungrier.

  3. I guess Politics is an NP-hard problem?
    (there is much fun to be had on twitter besides serious political crud…)

  4. Example: :) it’s about Douglas Adams and the number 42… can’t embed the tweet

  5. “Good plan!” “OF COURSE it’s a good plan.”

    “Do what you can, where you are, with what’s in your hand.”

    I often use you as an example of a man of science and man of Christ – two things which some people find hard to reconcile (strangely, I cannot understand why since if one believes in God then surely He created science?). I mean, you study dinosaurs! How freaking cool is that? Plus you love your family, write science papers, develop software, play guitar (I cannot believe you need lessons, surely by now you are nearly as good as Phil Keaggy? Assuming you still have the one extra finger advantage and didn’t lose one in a fight with a velociraptor?).

    Talk about those things. I’m listening.

    Politics schmolotics. I keep my eye in but I decided long ago not to comment online (I will chat about it in person though).

    So, tell me have you tried Poké? I think personally it makes a nice occasional change from Sushi, but still Salmon or Tuna Nigiri wins for me.

  6. Excellent – don’t worry, nothing significant happened! Maybe worth checking in on 9th June :-)

  7. behiker57w, I hear you; but I do still plan to do that one-off What I Learned post, because along the way I have had one or two actual insights which I think are worth signing off with.

    Harvey, thank you for the many kind words. I’m actually increasingly frustrated with the clumsiness of my guitar work. I can’t even get down a single accurate take of a solo that _I wrote_ for one of Dan’s pieces. I really do need the lessons.

    Jason, thanks for the summary! :-)

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