My birthday

To my complete astonishment, I am 49 years old today. If someone suddenly leaped out in front of me on the street and shouted “Quick! How old are you?” and I had no time to think, I’d probably say something like 27. It’s sobering to realise that’s not much more than half of my real age. Where did it all go?

Due to a miscommunication, Fiona bought me (among other things) 48 walnut whips — a box of 16 boxes, containing three each. This renders all the more relevant the card that Jonno (our youngest, at the bottom of the photo) gave me. As you can see in the picture, he modified the “DAD” on the front of it to read “FAT”. I certainly will be.


6 responses to “My birthday

  1. Happy birthday! If it’s any consolation, I can still think of you as a youngster.

  2. Yeah, I’m actually appalled at this being nearly 50 malarky. I still remember having a crisis about no longer being a teenager: I seem to recall it was a popular pastime down the pub (the Harvest Moon, to be precise) as so many of us entered that awful realm of Responsible Adulthood™.

    But the point is, “I still remember” as if it was a few weeks ago. And it’s actually almost 30 years ago. I know I’m good at losing stuff, but come on: losing 30 years requires some serious inattentiveness. Even Pink Floyd never sang “and then one afternoon you find 30 years have got behind you” because that would be stupid. Yet here we are.

    Enjoy the walnut whips, even though you’re one short. You can diet in your 50s.

  3. So pleased to see the Walnut Whip tradition has been carried on. X

  4. Happy b’day! I turned 69 in January. You can imagine how I will feel in another 10 months!

  5. Happy Birthday Mike!

    Oh my! Your youngest looks older than we were when we first met at University. Fortunately I’ve just turned 48 which makes me incredibly young compared to your good self. Hah!

    Walnut Whips are certainly an admirable choice for a birthday present, though 48 seems sufficient supply for… say a week?

    I’ve long since conditioned family and friends to give me chocolate for birthdays and Christmas – being blessed with a ridiculous metabolic rate means I can eat the stuff till it comes out my nostrils. Something which Su thinks is highly unfair (or perhaps gross).

    As I mentioned on Twitter, we have recently found that one of the convenience stores in Vancouver stocks UK delicacies such as Walnut Whips, Curly Whirlies, Twirls, Marmite, and such at fairly reasonable cost. This is more optimal than our usual technique of stuffing return suitcases from visits to the UK with Percy Pigs and knickers from M&S.

    Fortunately Vancouver has excellent Beer, Sushi and Pizza – and recently we’ve found good non-lame-nearly-as-good-as-Brick-Lane curry so we don’t miss out on that. Museums, culture and fashion however… pah. Rubbish.

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