Please consider writing to your MP about child refugees

On Wednesday, Parliament will vote on whether to close the Dubs scheme, which allows unaccompanied child refugees to enter Britain. When established, this scheme was supposed to take in 3,000 kids; it’s done less than a tenth of that, and closing it now would be shameful.


I just wrote a brief letter to my MP to that effect:

Dear Mark Harper,

When I think of British Values, I think of decency, kindness, and especially a concern for the most vulnerable. The Dubs amendment was a fine example of what it means to be British; the prospect of ending the scheme that it establishes makes me ashamed. Please vote on Wednesday to keep the Dubs scheme open.

Many thanks,

Dr. Mike Taylor

If you agree — or indeed if you disagree — you can very easily write to your own MP via the WriteToThem website. It takes about three minutes.

Please consider it.


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