Well done, everyone: we’ve reached ten thousand comments!

I checked this blog’s console just now, and realised that we have passed a really significant landmark: more than ten thousand comments!


Counting back through the recent comments, it seems that number ten thousand was this one, a brief comment on the film Happy Accidents. In a display of flagrant nepotism, it’s by Marion Taylor, my mum. As far as I can tell from the console, it’s only the second time she’s ever commented on this blog, so she timed it well!

Folks, I really want to thank you all — including all those of you who have disagreed with me, often robustly. You people are what has kept this blog interesting for me — and so, kept me writing it.

To my mind, comment-count is the best measure of true engagement on a blog, a much more interesting measure than page hits. A hit just means someone arrived here: it says nothing about whether they read, digested or found any value in what they saw. But someone who comments is really engaged. And that’s what I hope for more than anything else when I write. So again, thank you to you all.

Also, while I am here: congratulations to those of you who first started reading this blog back in its early days when it was all about programming, and have stuck with it as it started to be more about Doctor Who, then about music, and more recently about politics. I hope people will agree I have kept the promise in the masthead, that The Reinvigorated Programmer is about “Everything except sauropod vertebrae”.


Finally, for those of you who lurk — reading but not commenting — you are welcome to do that, of course! But: come on in, the water is fine! The thing I’m proudest about on this blog is the high quality and constructive tone of nearly all the discussion in the comments — even when talking about controversial issues like religion. Chances are, if you venture a coherent opinion here, it will be taken seriously and treated respectfully.

Now let’s make it to twenty thousand!


3 responses to “Well done, everyone: we’ve reached ten thousand comments!

  1. Does your invitation also count for throwaway comments?

    (Like this one?)

  2. I often disagree with your words of wisdom (specially political comments) but I’m never bored.

  3. wallyfoo, your comment is welcome, and I hope will lead to more substantial ones!

    Thanks, Mum!

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