Stranger Things: well worth watching

If you’ve not yet seen the Netflix series Stranger Things, I recommend it — especially if, like me, you grew up in the 70s and 80s, with the films of Steven Spielberg and his contemporaries.


Here are a few reasons.

First, it will evoke dozens of things you’ve seen before, but without being a copy of any of them. It’s more that it shares inspiration and atmosphere with earlier shows. For me, the strongest resonances were with E.T., Twin Peaks and Freaks and Geeks; other reviewers have found other flavours. (But if, like me, you found Twin Peaks very slow going, you will be relieved to hear that Stranger Things moves a lot faster.)

Second, it’s short. Eight episodes total, in the first (and so far only) series means that unlike, say, Elementary, you are not committing to a hundred hours of television. It’s a single six-hour narrative, with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Third, it’s engaging. The characters are easy to like, and to sympathise with. That counts for a lot with me. When I don’t like the characters much (e.g. The Flash, Orphan Black, iZombie), I can lose interest in a show.

It was well worth my time; I hope it will be worth yours, too.


3 responses to “Stranger Things: well worth watching

  1. Glad to see this review. I’ve been hearing about this one, but haven’t seen it yet. I particularly like the idea that it’s not a lifetime commitment. I’ll put it on our watch list. Thanks!

  2. It’s good stuff. I wanted to binge-watch it so badly, but my wife wouldn’t do more than an episode a night. Being an adult sucks sometimes.

  3. Haha, funny. Still, eight nights is hardly stretching it out unduly. I mostly watched one at a time — I think the only exception being 6 and 7 together.

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