The abject and persistent incompetence of PlusNet

PlusNet had been my ISP for years — despite the many problems I’ve had with them (metered usage, not disclosing MAC key, secret packages). On top of all this, the actual service had degraded so much — with an outage pretty much every day — that on 18 July I finally decided to leave, and move to a more expensive but much faster BT deal. Hurrah!


So needless to say, they have continued to bill me.

Yes. I got my first BT bill on 17 August (by which point I had long been receiving their far superior service). And PlusNet continued to take money from my direct debit on 18 August, 16 September and 18 October.

I tried to email them about this, but there seems to be no address you can contact. At least, the address, which they write from certainly doesn’t work:


I think it would be better if that didn’t happen, too. You know what would make it not happen? Answering your email.

Anyway. I tried to register a ticket with their support system, but they have closed it down since I last used it a couple of years ago.

Not wanting to spend 20 minutes on hold again, I found a text-chat system that is now their preferred way of doing support. I still had to wait ages for a support person to get to me, but at least I didn’t have to do it with the telephone pressed up against my ear.

After a delay, I got to talk to “Rob”. I explained the situation to him, and he passed me over to his colleague “Marc”, who said he’d take care of it. (This was on 13 October, which needless to say was too late to prevent them from taking the payment five days later.)

Next thing I know — on 19 October — I get this email:

Date: 19 October 2016 at 12:06
Subject: Your Plusnet Unlimited (Contracted without Phone) account has been reactivated!

Dear Mike Taylor,

Account username: mirk101

Thank you for clearing the outstanding balance on your Plusnet Unlimited (Contracted without Phone) account. Your account has now been reactivated.

All of your account’s features will be reactivated now. It normally takes up to 30 minutes until all of these are available for you to use but if your account had been cancelled this may take slightly longer.

Payment amount: £13.49
Date taken: 24th October 2016

I wish I was joking. I am not.

So I replied to the email saying “No no NO! The issue was not that *I* owed *you* money and wanted my service restored. It’s that I transferred to BT in July, and you are still billing me for nothing. Please fix this ASAP.” And I appended a transcript of the support chat from 13 October, which I had saved because I am experienced enough in the ways of PlusNet to be pretty sure I would need it.

And, needless to say, my email was rejected because “emails can easily be lost, misdirected or ever deleted” and PlusNet’s solution to this problem is to lose, misdirect and delete all email up front to make sure it doesn’t happen later.

At this point I realised the only way this was ever going to get sorted out was by talking to PlusNet publicly, on Twitter:



And predictably enough, that was when they decided (or so it seemed at the time) that this was something worth sorting out:





So everything would now be OK, right?

At this point, I will simply show you the private-messaging stream. It takes some believing.


The upshot: here we are nearly five months after I left PlusNet, and they still owe me £21.93, despite my having contacted them via four different media on more than ten separate occasions.

Well, here is the punchline: you win, PlusNet. Keep the twenty quid.

This has cost me much, much more in time, unhappiness and frustration. I should have just written off the money right at the start, but I am not going to fall for the sunk-cost fallacy and keep pursuing it. The money’s yours and I wash my hands of it.

And to anyone else who’s reading this: please, for your own sanity: never, ever, ever contract with PlusNet. They will screw up in ever way possible and end up stealing your money.


12 responses to “The abject and persistent incompetence of PlusNet

  1. At least you don’t have to deal with Virgin media….

  2. Shockingly bad.
    I also work from home and I have 2 separate lines (Virgin Media fibre and PlusNet fibre) which protects me somewhat against the incompetence of both. Neither is hugely reliable but they’ve never both been down at the same time. Touch wood.
    Virgin Media’s favourite trick is turning my Internet off for 6-8 hours for “planned maintenance” starting at about 10:00am on a weekday. One would think if it’s “planned” they’d be able to warn me in advance, but apparently not. I got the second line installed after that happened twice in the space of 3 months.
    I’m pretty convinced at this point that most ISPs are unbelievably terrible.

  3. There does seem to be a culture of providing service just good enough to not get sued, and keep harvesting money sent reluctantly by unwilling victim-customers. Presumably there are exceptions out there somewhere, but where?

  4. Andrews and Arnold:

    They’re not cheap, but their support is second to none. That even assumes you need their support. In the last ten or so years I’ve been with them, I’ve had maybe three issues, two of which were my fault, and all of which were fixed in under an hour.

    If you work from home (as I do), accept no substitutes.

  5. I’ll second Roger’s recommendation of A&A. They provided my office Internet connectivity for a while (two bonded ADSL lines) and they really were very good. Their “FireBrick” routers are excellent as well.

  6. Yep. Cable, Internet, and Cellular companies have the worst possible service imaginable. They should just rename the Customer Service departments Customer Disservice departments.

  7. This should be criminal, because it’s evidently not a matter of inability and incompetence, but the sheer determination to keep your money.

    My last contact with my own ISP netted me the wiping of one bill of €30 after some technical problems, an upgrade from 10 to 100 Mbps with immediate effect and no extra charge the first month, their newest €100 cable modem gifted to me, all after a 3-minute phone-call. I feel almost privileged.

    And I hate to bring up the Brexit debacle, but with it looming, I think things in the UK will become more like in the U.S., which means even worse services than you have now. Everything will be about how much money can be had from the customer.

  8. I sympathise, and it’s obviously crap. But I do wonder: why didn’t you cancel the DD after they took the first payment they shouldn’t have?

  9. Two reasons: first, I wasn’t checking my bank statements for continuing payments, because I assumed PlusNet was a business rather than a crime syndicate; and then because I wanted to make it possible for them to reverse the payments because I assumed the extra payments were an honest error rather than opportunism.

  10. I get you on the first one. Very easy to miss things like that too, even if you were casually looking.

    But on the second: your DD mandate doesn’t have to be in place for the recipient to return a payment. And I write as someone who has written code to handle exactly this sort of thing.

    Of course it would all depend on how well both banks’ systems were set up — but I’d expect that to be OK — and how well PlusNet’s processes worked — and we can all imagine how effective those are likely to be.

    But for future reference, when you close an account or stop a subscription, it’s worth cancelling the DD mandate with your bank too. Then they shouldn’t pay out, and if they did, your bank would be liable.

  11. Thanks, Martin, that is helpful advice.

  12. SpleenVenta

    @ Mike Taylor ” just good enough to not get sued”… WHO-WHAT-HOW is that line drawn? That’s right, the law. Learn it. Companies BREAK IT constantly, and OUR acceptance of it BECOMES PART OF THEIR BUSINESS MODEL. So yes, they ARE de-facto criminals, DO know it, and their sad, pathetic employees have to drink away the shame and abuse residue on the weekends. That’s how it works, lying won’t help fix it.
    How very much of this Thatcher-derived ‘Service Economy’ is a non-service, an ABUSE? People hate her for a reason…

    “assumed PlusNet was a business rather than a crime syndicate” – you missed the part where they were bought by BT Group, then?

    You’re frankly a muppet for rewarding BT Group’s incompetence by…. *Drum roll* re-contracting at a higher cost with a different part of BT Group! That’ll teach them!
    Incidentally, this abusive, corrupt ability to take a Government-handed ex-Public Utility, MONOPOLY – then ‘privatise’ it (whilst public paid for the initial infrastructure and it was under-priced immensely, they say), then ALLOW IT TO BUY UP ALL IT’S MOST IMPORTANT COMPETITION, rubber-stamping the increase in BT Group’s MONOPOLY, is a product of the short-sighted, corrupt stupidity of voting TORY.
    I’m moving away from idiots on the ‘Left’ (false dichotomy really, anyway) but damn, if the Tories don’t half LIE about this Free Market Economics ideology. Ideology is all it remains, when you hand people who don’t actually produce anything for a living, a way of making lots of money by squeezing and abusing people.
    The poor quality of Plusnet’s modern customer service is a SYMPTOM of all the above.
    I hope you learned something.
    Also, it IS criminal (fraud) to sell something and charge for it, that one cannot provide.
    Virgin Media are guilty of it (sue me libel lawyers, I’ve got mountains of evidence since they made me do unpaid tech support for them due to KNOWING they were over-subscribed and still LYING to customers about it and making them do the standard troubleshooting steps, BEFORE simply reading the damned maintainance schedule / logs from a database, which takes a fraction of the time and effort.
    They also sent engineers round multiple times (five, maybe over the contract’s duration) when they KNEW it was an area-wide over-subscription issue.
    That wasted cost, just like with BT, gets passed-on to you and me.

    Some beneficial ‘Free Market’ Economics, we have going on, isn’t it?

    Some people have to work for a living, others just run (lying skills) a telecoms company.
    Search for an image of the BT Group’s CEO, for example…
    BT and Virgin Duopoly is like voting Left or Right instead of voting Independent. Two boots of the same abusive entity, one kicks you one way, the other kicks you the other, and they drive you forward like the useful cattle you are.
    Any ideas how to mitigate the worst of these circumstances?
    Well, not handing more money to BT might be a start…
    Never apologise for your tone, out of fear. Fool.
    The courts serve YOU (for now!), so USE THEM.
    Under the Provision Of Goods and Services Act, and subsequent Consumer Rights Act 2015, ANY service contracted for in this country, of ANY descriptio – now including Railways, incidentally – MUST be performed with a MINIMUM of competence.
    Sometimes incompetence is a matter of misunderstanding, sometimes miscommunication, but most of the time it’s about cost-cutting and winging it from abusive CEOs trying to make a name for their exploitation skills. Face it.
    But, in this case, it’s pretty non-technical and clear-cut to even a judge, that the above Plusnet abuse is ENTIRELY INCOMPETENT.
    You’d guaranteed win a case against them, as far as my lay understanding of the law goes (this is NOT legal advice, incidentally, just friendly encouragement to go read up on Which? Magazine’s guides to the aforementioned leglislation).
    We’re WAY too polite “sorry for complaining about your abuse of me, sorry for using the wrong tone” – WHAT TONE IS BLOODY-WELL TOO HARSH FOR SUCH ARSEHOLES, THEN? HARSH TONE WAS *INVENTED* FOR SUCH ARSEHOLES, GET IT?
    You pay for the court system and other systems of government, so use it or lose it.
    Looks like a lot of people are cowed into being scared to use the Small Claims Court system.
    The mere THREAT of such a thing tends to work on entities that – like ALL of exploiting-lazy capitalists – ONLY LISTEN TO FORCE.
    It’s not like you have to march round there with pitchforks and burning torches, is it?
    So use the proper avenue available to you, a quick bit of research and stand up for yourself. This country is a laughing stock because we have forgotten how to, in service (slavery) of Political Correctness. Guess who profits the most from that kind of weakness? (See above).
    Do it.
    [VERY common]

    Hit them as hard as you can, basically. Fight the good fight and help prevent the same happening to others.
    That’s something our dog-eat-dog, selfsh society (yes, even you ‘nice guys’) has FORGOTTEN HOW TO DO. Guess who profits from that delusion, yet again?
    Get woke. It’s not a dirty word. Knowledge is power. What’s this internet thing for again?

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