Trump and Hillary, they’re as bad as each other

Well, America, it’s make your mind up time.


And what a heartbreakingly difficult choice it is!

On one hand, you have a man whose reputation as a businessman is founded on four bankruptcies, who routinely does not pay subcontractors, who has been on the wrong end of four thousand lawsuits, who has not merely admitted but bragged about sexual assault, who was accused of rape by his own wife during their divorce proceedings, who is openly racist, who mocks disabled people, and who according to senior military personnel just can’t wait to get his hands on the nuclear codes.

On the other hand, Hillary used an unofficial email server. So there’s that.

Your call America. Either elect a grown-up who self-evidently has the skills and experience to do the job.

Or be known forever as the generation that elected President Pussy-Grabber.

8 responses to “Trump and Hillary, they’re as bad as each other

  1. Gripping TV, this season of America ..

    I don’t envy my American brothers the choice today, but it’ll be interesting all the same. Can’t vote Hillary. Really can’t vote Trump. So, uh, vote Hillary by default? *sigh*

  2. That e-mail server of Hillary Clinton’s is just the face of it. If one opens up and has a look inside, it’s obvious that Hillary is blatantly corrupt, in ways that make Trump look like the better choice, even if he’s a shit-head and a bully.

    This page rounds up the worst of it, in an easy to read format:

  3. You’re entitled to an opinion. But honestly, it’s completely delusional to equate the two. Hillary is not squeaky clean, sure; but Trump is a whole open sewer system on its own. Republicans have spent two whole decades desperately searching or dirt on Hillary. The lame stuff they’ve managed to turn up shows how little there was to find; and the endless whining on about emails is itself and admission that they have nothing more damning to report.

  4. I’m not sure you’ve read the e-mails, if you refer to them as “lame”, because while Trump is the moral equivalent of an open sewer system, he doesn’t have a record of atrocities and corruption like Hillary. Innocent people have died because of her aggressive foreign politics and drive on Middle East issues. The jerk, or the warmonger? I’d prefer the jerk in the office, and the warmonger behind bars.

  5. Well, I’m sure glad I was reasoned and relatively restrained when you were freaking out about brexit. As an American, I felt the best I could do was sympathize with you’re views and say it won’t be as bad as you think, instead of arguing based on my opinion of what your country should do.

    Oh, well.

  6. Ok, perhaps my above comment was too harsh. But that feeling of doom is hard to get away from. At the end of the day, someone who would be my 10th, 12th, nth choice for being President of the US, will be President-Elect.

    Here’s a good post with that feel to it:

    And to your country, I hope things pan out well, because whoever wins this won’t be good. If I were British, I wouldn’t count on the US to do the right thing for the world no matter who wins here… The US is stumbling, dividing, fracturing, (all to benefit the powerful, not to benefit the people) the poor quality of our Presidential candidates is just an indicator of that problem and how deep it runs….

  7. Well, I wasn’t really expecting this. It will be four interesting years.

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