Introducing Thief Cops!

One of the things I’ve been thinking of doing for a few years is starting a web-comic. A few weeks ago, lightning struck and I am now the co-writer of a new strip that I’m really enjoying: Thief Cops!


Most weekday mornings, I drive my two younger sons to the place where the school bus leaves. I really enjoy doing this: even though it’s 7:15am and none of us is really a morning person, we tend to have fascinating conversations.

One morning, Jonno (the youngest) asked me what the dinosaur name Velociraptor means, and I translated it as “Fast Thief”. Immediately we started talking about a character of that name: a thief who can run fast. And straight away it was obvious to all three of us that his nemesis would have to be Slow Cop. And from that beginning, the menagerie of characters grew, including Commissioner Chief, Fast-but-not-as-fast-as-fast-thief Cop and Crime Thief.

Matthew (the middle son) is my co-author, and also does all the artwork. (He has a Windows box where he runs Draw Plus; annoyingly, the files won’t import into Inkscape on either my Linux box or my Macbook, and the SVG that Draw Plus exports lacks important artistic elements like pressure gradients, so I wouldn’t be able to work on the files even if I had the artistic ability.)

You can read all twenty (so far) strips starting at the first one and following the Next → links. Or you can find individual strips from the chronology; but some of them might not make a lot of sense without context. There is a sort of ongoing story.

[By the way, we would really like Thief Cops! to build an audience. If you find yourself enjoying it, I’d really appreciate your telling your friends, and sharing it on whatever social media platforms you use. Thank you!]

2 responses to “Introducing Thief Cops!

  1. You guys know about Axe Cop, right? This reminds me of how Axe Cop got started.

  2. We know and love Axe Cop; but, oddly, the similarity didn’t even occur to us until we’d done the first half-dozen strips. Since then, we’ve considered a few ideas that we’ve liked, but discarded as “More the sort of thing Axe Cop would do”.

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