Next Saturday: our prog-rock band at the Mitcheldean Festival

The wretched summer of 2016 has not offered us much good news. But for me at least, that’s about to change. Next Saturday (16th July) is the 2016 Mitcheldean Folk Festival, and our prog-rock back Crooked End will be closing the show from 8:30 till 9pm.


Crooked End playing at the 2014 festival. Left to right: Fiona (flute, keyboards), Mike (guitar), Dan (drums), Mario (bass).

We’ll be playing three songs: Steve Wilson’s jazz-metal classic Luminol, Flying Colors’ cheerful vision of a better world Blue Ocean, and the one I’m most excited about: our own homebrew epic Dancing Through the Storm: fourteen minutes of folk, jazz, metal, balladry, and more. The lyrics may be somewhat influenced by the Brexit vote.

The programme for the full festival — there are events on the Friday and Sunday as well — is available.

Some readers will remember that this is not the first time we’ve played at the Mitcheldean Festival. We were there in 2014, and (rather to our surprise, if we’re honest) went down very well. At any rate, the festival organisers were keen to have us back this year. In 2014, Brett Norris drove 40 miles to see us, only to miss the gig due to a very poorly signed change of venue caused by bad weather. I feel bad about this, but I promise anyone who comes this time that we will be in the advertised venue: Mitcheldean’s easy-to-find Anglican church.


I’m having a great time with this band. It’s made up of people I love (Fiona’s my wife, Dan is my son, Mario is our next-door neighbour) and the music is right up my street. I only hope the audience have as much fun as I’m going to.



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