Goodbye to (nearly) all my 1980s computer games

I mentioned last time that I was getting rid of all the 1980s computer games that, for some reason I still had: six Infocom text adventures on 5+1/4″ floppies for the Commodore 64, seven C64 Llamasoft games, two more batches of C64 games, another batch for the VIC-20, and finally two VIC-20 cartridges.

Now they’re all gone:

2016-04-25 07.33.29

I had been about to chuck them all in recycling when it occurred to me that they could possibly be of some value to someone. So I put them on eBay and would honestly have been happy enough for all six auctions to go for a penny each, so that the old games went to good homes.

Instead, to my total shock, all six auctions sold, and only one of them (the pair of VIC-20 cartridges) failed to reach £25. All together, I made £284 that I didn’t expect from stuff that I thought was worthless. I mention this not to brag, but to alert any of my readers who also have inexplicable caches of 1980s software (or, who knows, maybe even hardware) that it might be worth something.

Meanwhile, here is all that remains of my 1980s software collection:

2016-04-25 12.18.15

Yep, it’s just the three that I wrote myself. (I must blog about them some time.)


2 responses to “Goodbye to (nearly) all my 1980s computer games

  1. This is the nostalgia of my generation, having grown up with these machines and their games. Just like perhaps some of our fathers and grandfathers may be interested in old car engines, or vacuum tube audio amplifiers. A quick look at sites like and shows just how much interest and life there still is in these old machines.

  2. Might want to paint over addresses in the first image there…

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