Finally dumping the obsolete technology

I mentioned I’d been clearing out such worthless junk as my four PCMCIA wireless networking cards. Well, since then, I found two more. And all of them are now gone. Here’s how I loaded the car this morning:

2016-03-28 12.53.24

The big blue bag, and the box behind it, are all full of electronics. The box to the right of that is all toner cartridges, and the smaller blue bag in front of that is the five obsolete and non-functional ThinkPads. (It’s strange to think that the MacBook I’m typing on is my seventh laptop.) To the left is cardboard (in front), paper (behind) and plastic (in the green bag).

It’s all gone now:

2016-03-28 13.23.57

(That’s an empty cardboard box which I’m keep so I can put more junk in it, preparatory to the next recycling trip. The blue bag is what we usually use for carrying firewood into the house, when it’s not full of RS-232 leads. And the black bin-liner lives permanently in the back of the car, in case we find any interesting road-kill.)

4 responses to “Finally dumping the obsolete technology

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  2. any chance you could come and do my attic next? :-)

  3. Nope :-)

    It’s tedious, time-consuming and emotionally wrenching. I hate it, which is why it took me as long as it did to get around to it.

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