Brief thoughts on the budget

I was going to write a piece on George Osborn’s new budget, and how all anyone can talk about is a sugar-tax when the real story is yet more flagrant robbing the poor to give to the rich. But then I read Siobhan Fenton’s analysis, 85 per cent of Osborne’s Budget benefits will go to the wealthiest half of Britain, and realised there as no need for me to duplicate it.

So go and read that.


Honestly, I do make a real effort to persuade myself that Cameron, Osborn and co. aren’t actively trying to make poor people’s lives more miserable. I keep working to retain what belief I can muster in their essential decency. When I screw up my eyes and clench my fists really tightly, I can just about persuade myself it’s just that they don’t give a crap.


2 responses to “Brief thoughts on the budget

  1. It’s pretty much what I expected: glossing over the failures, throwing a bone to the Daily Fail readers, giving generous tax breaks to the very rich and paving the way for Ghoul Smith to say that everything is the fault of the poor and disabled. What times we live in. I suppose I should be thankful that about the worst I get is being accused of scrounging and unrepaired potholes. It kinda sounds wrong to say “I’m glad I’m not young”. But I do say that, albeit without a hint of smugness.

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