Letter to my MP: Please vote AGAINST Osborne’s cuts to working tax credits

Just sent this. Please write to your own MP if you also feel strongly about this issue.

Dear Mark Harper,

I am writing to you as my constituency MP. As you will know well, the Forest of Dean is not a prosperous area, and your consituents will be harder hit than most if George Osborne’s proposed cuts to working tax credits go through. I am begging you, if you stand for the people who you represent, to vote against this regressive measure.

We all understand that the economy is not in good shape, and that some changes are necessary. But whatever the solution to the deficit is, it is NOT to take money from the “hard working families” that are the very people the Conservative party so often invokes.

Please show some compassion to the people who elected you. Represent your constituents. Vote against Osborne’s cuts to working tax credits.

Thank you.

3 responses to “Letter to my MP: Please vote AGAINST Osborne’s cuts to working tax credits

  1. Dear Mark Harper – I’m not sure what I think about the proposed cuts to working tax credits – but I implore you to represent the people who voted you in with a majority, and support them. Because that’s democracy. After all you’re a conservative MP, elected with a majority, in a conservative constituency, under a conservative government. I expect therefore the majority of your constituents, by definition, will expect you to SUPPORT the measures they voted for. I have capitalised one of my words to show that I am passionate. Yours with heart-on-sleeve sincerity,

    A. Facetious-Bastard, Esq.

  2. I know Jeremy Corbyn is introducing the end of collective responsibility, but the chief whip is hardly going to vote against one of the key measures of the Government’s policy.

  3. Robin, I would remind you that David Cameron explicitly promised, on camera, not once but twice, that this government would not cut tax credits. See the second video here. No-one voted Conservative on the basis that they wanted the promised tax-credits cut, because there was no such policy.

    Sam, I’m sure you’re right, but I’m not going to hold back from asking him to do the right thing just because he’s unlikely to.

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