Toilets. Newnham 2. Light vehicles only

Near where I live is a village called Littledean. At the southeast end of the village is a mini-roundabout. One direction leads to Newnham, and also to some public toilets. It’s always tickled my fancy that the sign mentions the toilets first, and only then goes on to give Newnham some credit. So the last time we drove through, I asked Fiona to take a photo of it. Here is that photo:


It was, arguably, not her very best work.

For anyone who doubts that this sign exists, happily there’s a perfectly good photo on Google Earth. Here it is:



Always makes me smile.


2 responses to “Toilets. Newnham 2. Light vehicles only

  1. You were driving too fast… Fiona Taylor

  2. If it’s two kilometers from the sign to Newnham and Littledean is continuing with that row of houses as far as you can see, does that mean there’s no actual countryside between Newnham and Littledean? It’s the Newnham-Littledean-Toilet Metropolitan Area?

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