So how was the Cinderford Music Festival?

Fiona and I played our set at the Cinderford Music Festival yesterday. We were delighted to do it, in part because it’s so local and we like to support local things. (We live 5 km from Cinderford.)

This isn't us -- it's a band called Vevolution playing at the 2014 festival.

This isn’t us — it’s a band called Vevolution playing at the 2014 festival. I don’t think there are any photos from the 2015 festival yet, and probably none of us in any case.

How did it go? Musically, I’d say pretty well. Despite an awkward little blister on the middle finger of my right hand, I played OK; and Fiona was of course sensational throughout. The songs we played in our half-hour set (all covers):

(We prepared two other songs — Dar Williams’ We Learned the Sea and Joni Mitchell’s Little Green — but we didn’t have time to do everything, and I judged that those ones would go across less well with the audience we had.)

But I have to say the attendance was deeply disappointing. We had the festival’s worst slot, opening the indoor venue on the second day, and the vile weather meant that there were very few people on site at all. So I doubt there were more than about twenty people there for most of our set. Quite a few friends who’d said they were coming didn’t, for various reasons (some unavoidable).

In the end, all you can do in a situation like that is play the songs for your own enjoyment, and consider whatever audience there is to be a bonus. As far as I can tell from my very biased position, we did all right — the songs seemed to go over well with the audience, who were quality even though they weren’t quantity. Hopefully the organisers who were there will agree, and we’ll get a better slot in next year’s festival. (I saw the same venue packed with a couple of hundred people on the Sunday evening last year.)

Oh well. Next up will be the Mitcheldean Festival’s pre-festival evening concert on Saturday 30 May; and then the Mitcheldean Festival proper on Saturday 18 July. Onward and upward!


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