“Meanwhile, McCarthy heads for Berlin …”

Back in May 2004, my good friend and occasional colleague Matt Wedel emailed me to let me know his and his wife’s schedule for the next couple of weeks, which was incredible complicated — parents visiting, brothers getting married, academic conferences, research trips. I replied as follows:


Meanwhile, McCarthy heads for Berlin, unaware that Fraulein Blaukopf has already removed the secret plans and replaced them with a copy of the aerial photos taken by Commander Steel when he stowed away on Prince Radashivsky’s assault helicopter en route to quelling the Iranian-sponsored insurrection on the Kravnishanian borders. But Rachel does not know that Tom has already pledged his heart to Olga, the beautiful Romanian double-double agent who, until the operation, used to be top undercover Canadian Mountie, Johnnie Bicep. When Deputy Charlene’s true feelings are revealed, she and Morgan sing of their love, joined by the rest of the cast. Intermission.



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