“The Show” (Vineyard Community Church, Bermondsey, 21 July 1991)

This post will only be of interest to people who were at Vineyard Community Church, Bermondsey, London, in 1991. So the rest of you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about leaving now.

We put on a variety show on 21 July 1991. When I was cleaning out some old junk (which I do occasionally do) I found some of the paperwork. So I scanned it, and here it is for those half-dozen people who might care.

The first official confirmation, sent by the producer (who is now my wife):

Invitation to participate (6 July 1991)

Invitation to participate (6 July 1991)

The provisional programme, together with instructions for the performers.

Provisional programme

Provisional programme

The front cover of the programme. Back in those days, it was all handwriting and photocopiers: not many people owned a printer, and if they did it was likely a dot-matrix printer.

Front of programme

Front of programme

The order of acts (brought to you once more by the wonder of handwriting. No, not a handwriting font, actual handwriting.)

Back of programme

Back of programme

I’ll just retype the list of “musicians, writers, actors and actresses” for Google’s benefit, in case any of them happen to search for their own name:

  • Janet Cheeseman [now Janet Williams]
  • Claire Rodgers
  • Peter Solomon
  • Leslie Watkins
  • Chris Sewell
  • Phillip Gray
  • Peter Sandeman
  • Mike Taylor
  • Jean-Marc [no surname given, and I don’t remember what it was]
  • Ian Cottee
  • Alex Swan [now Alex Blacknell]
  • Jo Donaldson
  • Paul Williams
  • Richard Howes
  • Matt Gillard
  • Kate Morris
  • Anna Tun
  • Mary Lee
  • Paul Norford
  • Sue Dentskevich [who drank all the pink champagne at our wedding]
  • Sharon Jones
  • Vincent Bickers
  • Duncan Strong
  • Liz Vaughan
  • Rachel Potter [now Rachel Gray]
  • Katie Maddock [now Katie Poulsen]
  • Jane Salmons
  • Bob Emery

What an enormous list!


One response to ““The Show” (Vineyard Community Church, Bermondsey, 21 July 1991)

  1. Paul Eckersley

    Wow, what an interesting document. Interesting in many ways.
    1. This I believe was one of my first events I went to(or was it dragged to!!) at Vineyard.
    2. It was before all those skiing trips
    3. All the girls on here all have there maiden names with the exception of Mrs Vaughan who had just got married.

    Thank you for this. Brought back memories’


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