Replacement plate for Daewoo microwave

Wo own a cheap Daewoo-brand microwave oven, which I picked up at Lidl one time for (probably) £19.99. A few days ago, the glass plate that revolves in the middle of it broke. So Fiona phoned them up to see if we could order a replacement.


“Sure”, they said, “It’ll be with you on 17th October”.

Which is four months away.





5 responses to “Replacement plate for Daewoo microwave

  1. Next surprise: £29.99 invoice.

  2. Brett Norris

    You do realise that I will now expect to hear your rendition of the Buddy Holly classic “That’ll Be The Daewoo” when you next gig.

  3. Yes, this is going to be one of those occasions — like when my friend Vince nearly mended a toaster — where clearly the right thing to do is just throw the whole device away and get a new one.

    And that really stings. I hate to waste 95% of a perfectly good microwave oven.

  4. like when my friend Vince nearly mended a toaster

    Fun story, I printed it up and read it to a friend of mine who is an (audio) electrical engineer.

    He smiled at all the right places and then, when I was done, talked for 10 minutes about the 555 chip (“I wonder why they didn’t just use a 555 originally.” “Ten years ago the 555 outsold every other chip combined.” “If he’s used the automotive version of the 555 it’s rated to 140°C, rather than 70°C for the consumer chip.”). So I think he liked the story . . . :)

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