Final programme for the Mitcheldean Folk Festival

As noted previously, I am doing both a solo set and (with my wife, son and next-door neighbour) a band set in the first ever Mitcheldean Folk Festival next Saturday. Here is the final program (click through for a PDF of all four pages):


It would be great to see any of you there who can make it.


5 responses to “Final programme for the Mitcheldean Folk Festival

  1. Brett Norris

    This wet Saturday, I dragged myself out in the thundery weather and travelled the 40-odd miles to Mitcheldean to finally get to meet Mike, after reading his blog for four years, and see him perform.

    Sadly I didn’t get to see Crooked End in the afternoon – due to all of the rain and thunderstorms it was moved from the playing field to the church, but the change of venue was not made clear. So, much to my regret I missed the folk version of Luminol, but I’d definitely come back if the band were to perform again. (Message for the organisers of the festival: Book them again!)

    I did get to see Mike perform in the evening – The Brewery Tap is a great venue with ales on tap from the brewery next door and a friendly and not at all raucous audience of all ages from 40-80.
    A fantastic set with some familiar songs from the 60s and 70s (great to hear an acoustic guitar arrangement of ‘A Day In the Life’), as well as a couple of contemporary numbers.
    Couldn’t fault the playing or the singing (there may have been the odd F# missing, but who’s counting?)

    Nice to see “The Minstrels” there as well covering medieval Spanish tunes – featuring Mike’s wife showing her multi-instrumental talent (and she even makes some of her own instruments).

    A great day, despite the weather (which finally turned sunny at 3.30). Try to keep Crooked End as a permanent fixture at the Mitcheldean Folk Festival, Mike. The world definitely needs more prog rock songs covered in a folk style.

  2. Brett, thank you so much for coming — I can hardly express what an honour it was.

    It’s awful that no-one arranged clear signage at the field to say where we’d moved to. I’m desolate that you missed that band, and relieved that you were able to take it so well. I don’t think I would have!

    Thanks for your kind words about the evening set. Yes, the venue was excellent — it’s the first time I’ve been there, but I’d certainly go again. Not many pubs have five or six different excellent ales on tap!

    We will definitely keep the band running; though as we start to bring in more of our own prog compositions and drop the covers, we’ll probably change the name. “Crooked End” was an emergency name that I had to come up with in a hurry, without consultation, for this festival.

    Thanks again for coming — it was great to meet you.

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