Some insurers just can’t take a hint


Don’t you get it, Direct Line? I’m through insuring my car with you.

Like Seth Godin says:

The thing is, a customer is never out of warranty, even if his product is.

Think of the interaction at the deli counter or the pump or the bursar’s office or the alumni office or on the website from the point of view of the customer and the chain. Where are the moments where you might lose her forever? What are the key places where you need to intervene and invest in the relationship instead of milk it, or drag it through the mud?

Support is not a cost center, it’s a profit center. Treating customers with urgency and clarity and respect (maintaining the chain) is more urgent than ever.


3 responses to “Some insurers just can’t take a hint

  1. That’s a surprising amount of personal information you’ve posted there

  2. Andrew Fermor

    I wonder how it weighs up: cost of sending out repeated form renewal letters, vs chance that the sucker’ll just renew…
    Also, shouldn’t you black out some of your details on the letter?

  3. It’s true, I just can’t get that paranoid about people knowing where I live or what the registration number of my car is. Those things would be pretty trivial to find out for anyone who wanted to know.

    I guess I should maybe have blocked out the phone number — the one thing I really don’t want is spam phone-calls.

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