C++: the good parts


13 responses to “C++: the good parts

  1. Robin Jubber

    thin book

  2. The butterfly suggest this was only a pamphlet-sized print! C++ is one of the languages I think every programmer should know, together with Python, and HTLM 5 with Javascript.

  3. Personally, I prefer C# over C++, or Python for fast scripting. It looks like version 8 has addressed my complaints with Java, so I plan on digging into that, in the near future.

    C++ has a horrid syntax, and while #include was a clever idea, given the limitations of the PDP machines it was first implemented on, it’s effect on compile times is truly horrid.

    That said, in my mind C++ is a general purpose programming language, in a way that Python, Java, and C# are not. There are large classes of problems that simply cannot be implemented in C# or Java. Anything you can do, on a computer, you can do with C++.

  4. I’m not sure what the message is here. Care to clarify?

    This is actually a book I’d like to have: one that shows the nice C++ idioms and how not to “blow your whole leg off” (disclaimer: I know very little about C++ and have never used it for anything). I think “Effective C++” and its follow-up kind of do that, but from a short skimming, it’s nowhere as nice as “Javascript: The Good Parts”.

  5. The message (if you want to dignify it with that title) is essentially a recasting of my popular tweet from Friday.

  6. C++ had some potential, but went down the wrong road pretty much day two. This day and age I’m still a huge fan of C, but C++ I tend to just avoid; too many bandaids upon bandaids with syntax gone out the sanity window. So go with somethign high level like python, or low level with C. D has some of the good bits of C++ but seems like its sharing some of the crazy, so I’m thinking of checking out Go more for some concurrency fun. I’m a fan of the JVM in general, but the ‘java community’ seems to lean towards too many crutches and too much crazy .. where C++ has crazy in the language, java has crazy in the eye. Too much ‘My hello world app only has 27 classes, only 5 factories, what am I doing wrong?’ :) And java does seem to like verbosity.. which is good for an industrial language, but seems to me .. C might take 100 lines for a task; that same task will take 50 in python, or 200 in java; of course, it’d only take 2 lines in perl, but no one will ever be able to read it.

    And yeah, don’t use PHP ;)

  7. So Mike .. what’d you think of Veronica Mars The Movie? :)

  8. Believe it or not, I haven’t seen it yet! The reasons are complicated. I sort of want to re-watch Season 3 first, with my eldest son, and then we can watch the movie together. Also, having missed the (stupidly tiny) theatrical release, I’m inclined to wait for the DVD rather than pirating. Anyway, I am avoiding spoilers for all I’m worth, so please don’t give me any!

  9. Spoiler free below!

    I paid for the KS, so felt no pain at acquiring it through other digital means; the official digital means aren’t available to me (annoying as heck.. I’d assumed a file download would be made available, not some weird DRM website stream thing :/) I mean.. we already paid for it, give us the damned file :/

    Anyway – its good. Its actually quite watchable without being on top of VMs .. the dialog is top notch as ever, and has a lot of fan service, and just enough back exposition to fill in newbies to the series.

    I hope they can swing a sequal film .. Kristen has said she’s in if they can do it.

  10. I contributed to the kickstarter, but not at a high enough level to earn a digital copy. I wish I had! But, yes, absolutely, you should pirate the file you paid for. (IIRC the kickstarter explicitly said download, not stream).

  11. I’d been expecting expected Brian & Denis to come up with a seminal work on C++ at some point. I’m a bit surprised it took them so long but I guess they were a bit conflicted over templates. I imagine that giving up on writing about templates let them get the book finished. ;)

  12. They wrote their book on the good subset of C++ in 1978.

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